9 of the best – Marks and Spencer – March 2017

Charity shops can be a treasure trove for the gent in search of a gem without the hefty price tag. However, two words, time and time again, undo the hope we hold in the hunt for a deal; Blue Harbour.

Racks upon racks of clothes that your mate’s Dad doesn’t even seem to care for any longer. However, not everything is blue about the brand, and it is fair to say that the male market has harboured some overly-harsh views for poor Marky and Spence over the years.

However, to view M&S with this tunnel vision is to miss out on the light of some premium pieces at less than premium prices. M&S has the potential to deliver a heavy wearing garment, that feels 25% more expensive than the number on the price tag. Well-built, clean-cut and practically smart-casual. What Marks & Spencer does well, although not consistently, is deliver staple pieces which allow for both office neutrality and street readiness.

I don’t expect those reading to be buried in a Blue Harbour suit or anything, but seriously, give it a go. Here are my eight picks from the March 2017 collection, before the Spring cleaning begins, with price, quality and style in mind.


1. Pure Cotton Striped Crew Neck T-Shirt – £9.50

2. Gunmental Milanese Watch – £49.50

3. Leather Elastic Chelsea Boots – £79.00

4. Pure Cashmere Jumper – £89.00

5. Double Breasted Peacoat – £40.00

6. Slim Fit Pure Cotton Flat Front Chinos – £15.00

7. Button Front V-Neck Cardigan – £22.00

8. Quilted Front Zip Sweatshirt – £39.50

9. Baseball Bomber Jacket with Stormwear – £45.00

Prices and products accurate as of 12/3/2017. All photographs are taken from http://www.marksandspencer.co.uk




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