24 year old graduate with an interest in rock music, travel, football,  overwatch, Californian style and world affairs. 

I enjoy casually writing about what I like, what I experience and what I aspire to. 

I am a law graduate, working and scheduled to qualify in 2018. I try to record amateur music on my fender strat, influenced by john mayer, tom delonge, deaf havana, the gaslight anthem, the police, fall out boy, u2 etc.

I like to get outside when I can and I appreciate a great landscape.

I’m a bit of a t shirt afficiando and on my radar at the moment are: Levi’s, scotch and soda, selected home, fred perry and nudie jeans. I appreciate a clean, classic relaxed style with Californian and Scandinavian influences.

I spend a lot of my down time hanging with my girlfriend, playing overwatch and stressing over Middlesbrough FC.

Enjoy my blog.




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