Tracks of the week 11/5/2017

It took John Mayer one listen of The Night Game's debut track to book them onto several of his upcoming tour dates, which is the equivalent of a knighthood when it comes to modern pop credibility.  This top down anthem is laden with synth, lavished with Phill Collins drums and sang with a swagger. Martin... Continue Reading →


Fall Out Boy – Young and Menace review

Fall Out Boy's quest to become even more cutting edge continues with the release of their brand new single Young and Menace. Through a haze of purple allure, Pete Wentz and co revealed their comeback track. The band has become prone to teasing their new projects over recent years, in an effort to stir up... Continue Reading →

10 things you must do in Rome

Have you been to Rome? No? Well I have, and I'm here to tell what you could do as a human roaming as a Roman for a few days. These things you "must" do are based on my own personal experiences, for you to use as inspiration from your time in the Italian capital. The... Continue Reading →

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